Divorce Proof Your Business

Less than 3% of businesses are affected by fire each year1 but 35% of marriages end in divorce2.
Some people are surprised to find their ex. can make a claim against their business.
Lots of couples have started businesses together or work in their business together.
And, what about the other family members involved in your business?
You insure your business against fire but do you protect the value of your business being affected when there's a relationship break-up?
The traditional way is by using Trusts, but they may no longer be enough. You need to look carefully at your business ownership, Trusts, Contracting Out agreements and wills to assess how well protected your business is.
And, the best time to do it is before there's a problem. If you have agreed protection in place before there is a problem it will be much easier to work through the solution and protect the value of your business for everyone involved.
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We'll give you our assessment and give you the right tools to limit the risk to your business from divorce.

1. Figures derived from number of non-residential properties involved in fires in 2009/2010 (NZ Fire Service - Incident Stats Book 09-10 - full report here) divided by the number of business enterprises in NZ in 2010 (Statistics New Zealand 31 October 2011, website accessed July 2012).
2. As reported by Statistics New Zealand 3 May 2012 - 35% of couples married in 1986 had divorced within 25 years - website accessed July 2012.