Innovative Approach

This article first appeared in Brief Case, in the National Business Review, 18 May 2012. 
A family law practice may not normally indicate trail-blazing innovation in the law business but Auckland's Family Law Results has been the first to appoint an advisory board to help steer the practice into higher growth. The firm recently announced that legendary Otago Law School dean Professor Mark Henaghan had joined it after what manager Mark Greenslade said was an invitaion made in February. The board also includes businessman Michael Masterson and firm founder Selina Trigg, as well as Mr Greenslade.
The intent is to keep the momentum with innovations  that can be followed-up and is seen as one that will help the firm develop profitably.
"There are a lot of challenges in the law at present, including as a business," Mr Greenslade says. "The board is intended to try to navigate them carefully and to provide some perspective."
He specifically mentions legal aid and legal changes as having a major impact on the practice. Having worked with Professor Henaghan at Otago, he made the approach knowing the professor's passion for law and his desire to contribute to its effective delivery.
The firm's intent is to keep its focus on family law, perhaps developing an involvement in related areas such as estate planning, to ensure it delivers its services efficiently and quality. Professor Henaghan's involvement will greatly assist with their objectives, Mr Greenslade says. "It's very energising having him. He will provide some real legal grunt."