Professor Mark Henaghan joins advisory board

May 8, 2012 | Family Law Results

Professor Mark Henaghan has joined the advisory board of Auckland-based law firm, Family Law Results.

Advisory boards are becoming increasingly popular with SMEs as an alternative to the more traditional Board of Directors. They avoid the formal responsibilities and costs associated with a Board of Directors but can help business owners clarify their business objectives, set strategy and implement change to achieve growth.
But, it is believed that this is the first advisory board established for a law firm in New Zealand.

Professor Henaghan is joined by Michael Masterson, Managing Director at The Bottom Line Expense Reduction Ltd; Selina Trigg, Principal of Family Law Results and Mark Greenslade, General Manager of Family Law Results.

The members have been chosen to provide guidance and support in establishing best practice for legal advice, service to clients, as a place to work and as a reference point for government.

Professor Henaghan said that the challenges facing smaller, specialised law firms are quite different from those facing large commercial firms.

“I saw this as an opportunity to learn more about the realities facing smaller firms but also to support a firm operating in the incredibly important but sometimes overlooked specialty of family law.”

The market in which lawyers operate is changing rapidly, said Family Law Results’ Selina Trigg.

“With the review of the Family Court, changes to Legal Aid, the ever increasing complexity of family law and shifts in public attitudes to the role of lawyers and the justice system, family law in New Zealand is facing significant change. It was important that we get the best advice to meet these challenges and we’re incredibly lucky to have someone of Professor Henaghan’s standing on our board.”