Take Control of your Legal Costs

Like most of our clients we've been looking for a better way of pricing so that you know in advance what our services cost, you get value from the help we provide and you can be confident your costs aren't going to keep climbing.

We offer you the following options:

Initial Strategy Meeting


This includes an initial meeting of up to 1.5 hours with one of our specialist lawyers during which we identify what you want to achieve from engaging us, explore options and plans for resolving your family law issue(s) and estimate the cost of these options for you. Your options are confirmed for you in writing.

Costed on traditional hourly rate pricing, this service could cost you over $1,000 but you get a clear picture of your options moving forward for $595 incl GST.

A Fixed Fee


Once you've considered the options and you're clear about which one you want to follow, we set out a pricing schedule for you. As part of the pricing schedule we outline the stages of work involved and specifically what help you will get at each stage of your matter from Family Law Results.

Clients who have taken up the fixed fee option have enjoyed the certainty of knowing exactly what our help will cost.

The Traditional Model


You may choose to have us invoice you regularly based on our hourly rates, the complexity of your matter and the time spent on your matter. Ask your lawyer for an estimate of what future costs you are likely to face. Our hourly rates range from $200 to $350 plus GST.

NB. An estimate is just that—while we endeavour to provide accurate estimates, your actual costs may end up differing from this if your matter takes longer than anticipated or if new issues arise or the other party is difficult (and, lets face it, if they were easy you probably wouldn't need our help). 

Call us now - 09 297 2010 - to discuss the best option for you.