We found so many useful resources we sorted them below to help you find the ones you are most interested in.

Click here for a general understanding of the Family Court or, if you want to know more about families in New Zealand click here to go the Families Commission website.

Selina-Jane Trigg, the Principal of Family Law Results, is The Family Lawyer. Go to her website - - for commentary and advice on family law matters in New Zealand.

Articles on Family Law

Read articles with information and advice about family law in New Zealand, including advice on how to get the best out of your lawyer, click here...

Adoption resources

If you're looking for support and information about adoption in New Zealand, click here for links and articles...

Domestic or Family Violence and Protection Resources

Violence in the home is not ok.

Whether you need help protecting yourself or your family, helping others with violence or even learning how to prevent your own violence, click here for links and articles...

Parenting Resources

We all need help as parents from time to time, not only with legal matters but also the day to day care and development of our children. If you're looking for help with parenting, click here for links and articles...

Relationship Property Resources

The Family Court have this section on their website specifically about relationship property.