Selina-Jane Trigg - Director

I am the family law geek of the team and Director of Family Law Results. After a (very) brief stint employed with a large commercial law firm, I quickly learned the error of my ways and discovered my niche in family law. I have been practising almost exclusively in family law for over 16 years and it still fascinates me.
After spending 6 months having adventures through South America I returned in 2002 and set up a family law practice of my own. That practice has taken on a life of its own and has grown into Family Law Results. My main role now is to lead the team of lawyers, oversee the progression of our clients' matters, serve as a sounding board when the other lawyers need one and be involved in the strategic development of the practice - all while ensuring we all keep learning, keep challenging ourselves and keep being excited about what we do. I am blessed with a great, highly motivated team so the last task is not difficult.

I am a trained Mediator and member of the New Zealand Law Society Panel of Mediators. I am also a trained Collaborative Law Practitioner and am the current Chair of the Collaborative Law Association of New Zealand. While the lawyer in me enjoys court work, I strongly believe Collaborative Practice and Mediation each offer families empowering and beneficial alternatives to litigation.

I have experience in all areas of family law but these days I tend to focus on the following areas:

- Relationship Property and asset planning – before, during and after a relationship
- Wills and Family Trusts
- Estate litigation – disputes about Wills
- Adoption & Surrogacy
- Parenting & Guardianship disputes including relocation cases
- Financial support issues on separation
- Mediation
- Collaborative Practice

When I leave the office, I am kept busy with my infant son or enjoying the company of my two teenage stepchildren.

You can call me on my direct dial (ph 0064 9 282 3574) or complete the Contact Us form if you wish to discuss how I may assist you.

What do Selina's Clients have to say?

“I just wanted to say a big thank you for your help with the problems I have been having and the mediation that we had. I thought you did a great job, you were very professional and I felt very confident with you as my lawyer. I came out of the mediation with a lot of closure."

"Since Selina has been handling my file things have progressed in leaps & bounds. Selina explained the process of Mediation very clearly so when I turned up on the day everything was plain sailing & I knew she had my best interests in hand as we had the paperwork & facts & figures that were transparent to back up my position. [The mediator] made the comment several times that due to Selina’s preparation things flowed smoothly .”
"Thank you kindly for the work and the professionalism that you showed us through the process. We are both grateful"
"Selina and her team have supported us through some very rough times. Words cannot express the gratitude we have for all they have done for us, our son and our grandson. They have done more than we ever dreamed possible in order to return our grandson to us and help keep our family together. We are so greatful for their compassion, professionalism and integrity. Every member of the Family Law Results team is like a member of our whanau."
“May I take this opportunity to thank yourself and your team for your help during this long and difficult process. Your work is much appreciated by myself and my family. I am now able to move forward in a way I thought would never come”