The Family Law Results Advisory Board

Early in 2012 Family Law Results became the first legal business in New Zealand to appoint an advisory board.
The purpose of the advisory board is to provide strategic input and an independent point of view to help ensure that Family Law Results balances the challenges of providing effective legal services to clients while operating successfully as a business.
The Family Law Results Advisory Board consists of:

The board members have been chosen to provide guidance and support in establishing best practice for legal advice, service to clients, as a place to work and as a reference point for government.

Professor Henaghan believes that the challenges facing smaller, specialised law firms are quite different from those facing large commercial firms. “I saw this as an opportunity to learn more about the realities facing smaller firms but also to support a firm operating in the incredibly important but sometimes overlooked specialty of family law.”

With the current review of the Family Court, recent changes to Legal Aid, the ever increasing complexity of family law and shifts in public attitudes to the role of lawyers and the justice system, family law in New Zealand is facing significant change. It is important that we get the best advice to meet these challenges and we’re incredibly lucky to have someone of Professor Henaghan’s standing on our board.
Michael Masterson provides the strategic business grunt to the board having successfully set up and operated his own businesses. Not afraid to challenge the status quo, Michael's perspective has been very useful in challenging the way we operate and has had a significant impact in making Family Law Results an innovative and "non-traditional" law firm.
If you want to know more about the Family Law Results Advisory Board please contact Selina Trigg on 09 282 3574 or Mark Greenslade on 09 282 3570.