Mark Greenslade - General Manager

After several years in a variety of marketing roles I joined Family Law Results in 2006 as General Manager. I sometimes wonder whether my job should be called "General Dogsbody" as I get pulled in a variety of directions every day?!
In my time with Family Law Results, I have developed a particular interest and expertise in how Cloud Technology can assist law firms and other businesses to deliver better client service, reduce costs and grow revenue. As a result, in 2012, I reduced much of my general management role with Family Law Results and established Cloud Professional Solutions. I am still actively involved with Family Law Results as they are a client of Cloud Pros and I remain a member of FLR's advisory board and a Director of it's support service company.

At home I (try to?) kick a football around the soccer pitch in winter and relax at the beach during summer. I'd like to say I mountain bike regularly but the truth is the bike's sitting lonely in the garage most of the time! I have three wonderful kids who I think I have a great relationship with (their groaning at my lame jokes suggests otherwise). Being raised in Christchurch my one-eyed patch is firmly stuck on and will not be removed for anyone.

Having myself experienced the realities of looking after kids following divorce I am determined that we offer our clients the best service possible and that Family Law Results becomes the first choice for your family law needs. If you have any feedback about how we're doing or what we could do to improve, please get in touch.