Why Use Us?

We are the largest, specialist team of family law experts in New Zealand. Families are important and family law is an important specialty. You and your family deserve the care and attention that comes from a firm that focuses on nothing but family law.

At Family Law Results we concentrate on providing the best possible experience for all our clients.

Expert, easy to understand advice

The legal system can be confusing if you haven't experienced it before so it's important that you get the best possible advice in language that you can understand. Only then can you make the best decisions for yourself and your family.

A personalised plan just for you

We will map out the options you have for addressing your personal situation and the pros and cons of each option. You can then see clearly how you are progressing towards a resolution and how we are doing in helping you to achieve your goals.

Stay in control of your matter and your costs

Along with the advice and plan we give you, we outline our costs to you. You are then in the best position to tell us what you want from us and to stay in control of your costs.

Proactive service

Too often issues are left unattended as you wait for others to respond. At Family Law Results your matter will be proactively managed so that you can get us to act at the pace you choose.

Keeping you informed

An absence of information is no information at all. Whether things are happening for you or not, we will update you regularly so that you're not left wondering.

Supporting you through the legal system

Most people who enter the Family Court system will only do it once in their entire life. It can be confusing and intimidating. We will support you by explaining what happens before you go into court, representing you in court and responding on your behalf to requests of the court.

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