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“Never cut what you can untie” – Joseph Joubert

We help you to move through your family law issue calmly, with confidence and certainty, so that you can go on to thrive.

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We understand that the only people who enjoy going to Court are lawyers. Even they don’t enjoy it a lot of the time. So, we specialise in helping you and your family reach solutions outside of Court.


Facing a separation or any legal issue involving your family is one of life’s most stressful and emotionally charged events. Any whiff of conflict can quickly become inflamed. We have the skills and training to help you keep conflict in check so it does not steer you off course.


We believe the best outcome is one that a family decides upon, together, for themselves but that they may need support and guidance to do so.


We hate parking hassles and getting stuck in traffic as much as you do! You may also want to work with us even though you live far from us. Therefore, as much as possible, we give you choices for meeting with us online or by phone. 


The law and legal processes can seem overly complicated. At times, it actually is very complex! We take the time to make it as straight forward as possible and ensure you are all over any legal information you need to understand.


We appreciate that the law is only one factor in your decision making. For some, it’s only a very tiny factor. Often the solutions prescribed by the law do not reflect what is truly important to you and your family moving forward. That is why we focus on understanding the “human” factors that are important to you. This isn’t a one-off discussion for us. We keep checking in on this throughout our time working alongside you.


The pace at which you want to reach a resolution will be individual to you. We assist you to move at the speed that is right for you and your family.


We know that legal costs can be a challenge or that, for other reasons, you may prefer not to use a lawyer but want guidance all the same. We use a dash of creativity and a splash of technology to offer you opportunities to access legal information in a cost effective, accessible way.


We get that coming to see a lawyer can feel daunting. Honestly, we are not the least bit scary! We are not going to explode your family and push you into an adversarial battle. We are also not at all stuffy. We love a joke and good conversation. You’ll often find we’re in jeans, rather than a suit, with some home baking and a cuppa on offer.

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“Thank you for your assistance, advice and guidance up until now. I appreciate your effective, direct, down-to-earth style…I feel well supported and better prepared for the future by having gone through this with you”

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