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We help you move forward in your relationship together with peace of mind. 

Nothing can diminish the good vibes of a new relationship or marriage quite like discussing what is to happen if the relationship ends!

Those discussions are important though, particularly if one or both of you bring property into the relationship. You may also need to carefully consider how, when you die, you can meet the interests of your new partner and those of your children from a previous marriage or relationship. 

While, on the surface at least, these discussions appear to be about property, they will usually involve strong, underlying emotions about the personal values of each partner, your approaches to money matters, important family relationships and how you each value the contributions you each make in your relationship.

At Family Law Results, we use our resolution skills and expertise to help you navigate these discussions in a way that is respectful of your ongoing relationship. We are able to assist you to finalise a Contracting Out Agreement (or pre-nuptial Agreement) about what will happen in the event of you separating or one of you dying, allowing you to move forward in your relationship with peace of mind.

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How do you get started with your Agreement?

There are three main ways we start working with you on your Contracting Out Agreement:

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You both decide to initially work with us. Together, we workshop your agreement. Family Law Results will draft the agreement and arrange for you each to receive independent legal advice about it.

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You choose to work with us and your spouse works with another lawyer. We work with you to identify what is important to you in any agreement and then liaise with your spouse’s lawyer to get your agreement completed.

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You already have an agreement drafted by another lawyer and come to us so that you can receive your own, independent, advice about it.

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