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We provide you with certainty and clarity around your legal costs.

How Much will this Cost?

It is entirely understandable if this is one of your first questions. Legal costs can feel daunting. From the outset, we want to ensure you have certainty about your costs. We are not a cut-price, bargain- basement, service. There is value in what we do and the customised, unique solutions we find for you.  But we aim to help you control your costs without limiting the sense of care you experience with us. How do we do this?

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We get to know you and your situation. We work out what we will need to do to get the job done right for you. We take into account your goals, how urgently you want things done by, how much you want us to be involved and that the law can be tricky.

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We are upfront.

At the outset, we will prepare you a plan that sets out what you will be charged, what each payment covers and when payments will be due. If things change, we will be sure to discuss this with you.

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We avoid you worrying that contacting us will cost you more money. All our phone calls and emails are part of the fee we offer you. We even help schedule in regular update calls with you.

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