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Helping you reach a respectful agreement, at your pace, without Court!

Resolving the legal issues in your separation or divorce doesn’t mean you have to go to Court.

Like many of our clients, you may want to sort out the legal, parenting and relationship property issues in your separation in a way that:

has you feeling supported, understood, respected and informed.

recognises the law is only one factor, amid lots of “human” factors, in your decision making.

aims to protect and preserve the relationships that are important to you for the future.

enables and supports you and your spouse to make the important decisions that need to be made about your family’s future.

moves at the pace that is most beneficial for you both.

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At Family Law Results, we have the specialised skills, training and experience to help you reach resolution without the Court.

We are experienced in a range of resolution processes from guided resolution (where we guide you as you work on reaching agreements yourselves), to mediation and Collaborative process.

With our Resolution Ready service, we will work alongside you to help you to:

  • choose, from our range of resolution processes, the process that is right for you and your family.

  • gather the information that is needed throughout that process to make informed decisions and meet any legal disclosure requirements.

  • use the Our Family in Two Homes workbook as we go. This is a valuable tool for having general legal information at your fingertips while also helping you identify and understand the non-legal factors that effect whether and how you reach agreement.

  • prepare to engage in any resolution discussions effectively and productively.

  • identify whether you or your family would benefit from having the assistance of other professionals, such as financial experts, child development specialists, coaches, counsellors or psychologists.

  • progress, step by step, through the process of your choice.

  • understand the relevant law.

  • finalise any agreements in the appropriate legal form. 

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Reach agreement in a weekend


How would it feel to start out the weekend on a Friday, uncertain about how you will sort the legal issues in your separation and end it on Sunday with an agreement?

At Family Law Results, we realise that it can often be too overwhelming and stressful to juggle meetings about your separation or family law issues during the week,  along with all your other commitments.

There is real value in pressing pause and taking time over a weekend to have those discussions in a less pressured, yet focused, way to reach agreement.

Subject to availability, we can offer our Resolution Ready service over a weekend, or in smaller bites over a series of weekends.

What’s a weekend without some great food and breaks? Don’t worry – we build those in too!


Family Law Results is proud to be the first law firm in New Zealand to offer its clients the "Our Family in Two Homes" resource. Used in conjunction with our Resolution Ready service, the "Our Families in Two Homes", can help you reach a respectful resolution.

Here's How Our Resolution Ready Service Helps...

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“Selina and the team at Family Law Results are guiding and supporting me through what could have been one of the most difficult and overwhelming times of my life, ensuring that I am always comfortable with the process, information required and the next goals to be achieved. Selina’s understanding of and belief in the Collaborative Process is providing the best solution for my family, not only in a professional and respectful way but also with empathy and consideration of everyone’s needs.” - DN

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